The Hellenic Polar Zones Society, is a scientific society that began operating in 2012 under the initiative of Mr. Stathis Nirikos, retired Flag Officer of the Hellenic Navy, Economist & International law Expert. The Society was officially recognized with the decision No. 177/7-4-14 of the County Court of Athens.


Our members are scientists affiliated in a variety of scientific fields such as Μedicine (among them twο physician-researchers in the scientific station “Concordia” of the European Union in Antarctica), Ηydrographers, Geologists, Biologists, armed forces Officers in service or retired, Merchant Marine officers, Explorers – mountaineers, who have travelled at polar regions, artists, economists, journalists etc.

Our purpose is the study of Polar Zones in every respect and the spread of interests of our country, to them, something that shows that in the future will have a great significance.